People get ready

August 21, 2009

fremontfairDear Friends,

As many of us scatter to the wilderness and exotic locations (Socorro? Pullman?) I thought we might keep in touch here, at the center of the universe.  The topic of Book Club has come up several times, with many of us making bold claims to want to participate in such a organization. So, I am organizing! And, in my copious free hours, I have been thinking!

I need to consult with you on a few things, namely, how this club will meet, virtually, and without the usual bribes of food and booze. I imagine the virtual discussion could extend over several days, but it will be more fun if we all read the book at approximately the same time, don’t you think?  I also think it best if each book has a Discussion Leader (DL) who will be responsible for prodding the rest of the club into conversation. I leave the methods of peer pressure and leadership style to the individual DL. You may post a book review,  a letter to the author, chapter-by-chapter commentary, bullet-pointed discussion questions, reader’s poll, inspired or inspirational poetry, interpretive art, interpretive LOL[CAT]s, video reenactment,  or whatever you like. You may meet with fellow members in your geographic location for an in vivo mini-meeting (perhaps with food and booze- because gustatory enticements always work. I learned that in graduate school.) and write your post collaboratively. We love freedom here at the center of the universe. HOWEVER: we do need to determine how we will select books, and how often to “meet”. I have compiled some governmental categories to facilitate discussion.

Rotating dictatorship: DL’s choice, everyone gets a turn.

Rotating chairmanship: open nominations for books with selection by vote. Members pressed into service as DL on a rotating basis.

Representative democracy: anonymous nominations; selection by vote; nominator becomes DL.

Mob rule: any member may post a nomination and, through superior rhetoric, attempt to attract the commitment of other members. Participation non-mandatory.

Creative socialism: some combination of the above. Or other.

I’m leaning toward representative democracy with a side of mob rule. Discuss. Commentate.

Love, LL.


5 Responses to “People get ready”

  1. revdrliz Says:

    After reviewing the above links, I feel I must emphasize that book reactions NEED NOT BE NEGATIVE, nor must they include porn, vampires or legos. But they may if you wish.

  2. bridgidgallagher Says:

    Dear Rev Dr Liz,

    Count me in!

    I support a Rotating Chairmanship. The rotating bit will keep us in line (we can be a wishy-washy mob!). Voting for books through polls sounds good too. The question is – who comes up with the books to vote on? Perhaps the last DL?

    As far as how to keep us reading and posting, what about a reward system? I looove rewards. Perhaps food, wine, handmade prizes for best post (by vote?)…We should discuss this over beverages and munchies.

    Your latest devotee

  3. cjramirez Says:

    Sounds like fun. My user name is cjramirez.

  4. bridgidgallagher Says:

    Somehow my comment didn’t show up, so I’m going to try this again.

    Thanks for setting up the book club, Liz!

    I vote for a Rotating chairmanship. Not only does it sound fancy, but I think that voting for books would be great (perhaps four or five the DL’s choice?) and I like the rotating DL responsibility.


  5. prusselltn Says:

    Finally commenting–I’m in!!!

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