Our bests

December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays book club friends!

Soooo…end-of-the-year/ end-of-the-decade “best of” lists are everywhere. I’m feeling inspired. I think we should weigh in with our important “best of” opinions too. But, rather than selection by voting or some method democratic and tedious, or editorial dictatorship (by me), I am thinking free-for-all, post-what-you like anarchy would work best for us. Please, pretty please, consider considering the following question in a book-club blog post (or two):

What writings are your “best of” 2009 and (or) the aughts?

You may interpret that as broadly or narrowly as you like. For example. Your post could be titled: “Best nature writing of 2000-2009”, “Best gothic steampunk air-balloon romance of 2009”, “Best (10) books evar“, “Most delicious culinary literature of 200x”, “Most alluring cover art of the year”, or “Only novel I had time to read in 2009, fucking school”. Top 10 vampire novels? (I’m looking at you, verdejez). Short stories, graphic novels, non-fiction, and magazine articles are all eligible. My only stipulation is that the number of items on your list be between 1 and 10. If you need help starting a new post, lemme know (special to Mel: we need to invest you with blog authorship powers). Your post need not be as long and wordy as mine; don’t be intimidated by my shining brilliance. OK?

login here!

Cheers! I love you.



3 Responses to “Our bests”

  1. bridgid Says:

    Sounds great! Quick – I need a theme!

  2. bridgid Says:

    I almost forgot. This is my favorite: “Your post need not be as long and wordy as mine; don’t be intimidated by my shining brilliance. OK?”

    Ow, ow! Shining brilliance! In my eyes!

    I hope the rest of you are not intimidated by the dear Reverend’s prolific use of words. If you are, take a look at one of my posts. They encourage a juvenile approach that I think you’ll appreciate.

    • revdrliz Says:

      Should I have said “sparkling”? Oh, right- that’s my personality.

      Although I am leading in the “most prolific” category, Bridgid is awarded extra points for use of dialog. There are so many ways to be brilliant! Come forth my shining beauties! Be not afraid!

      I see that mellow500 has joined us. Woot! I’m going to stick up the RSS feed now. Good idea B.

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