ej’s random 2009 top books

December 29, 2009

not in any particular order, just how i remembered them:

1.  American Gods by Neil Gaiman (his books are all great if you like a little sci-fi)

2.  Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (this is a series, i think i read 2 others in the series as well)

3.  The Green Rider by Kristen Britain

4.  A History of Genetics by A. H. Sturtevant (nerdy, i know, but i enjoyed it!)

5.  Genome by Matt Ridley (really fun, written for the general public)

6.  The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

7.  Banana by Dan Koeppel (if you like bananas, it’s worth the read)

8.  Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

9.  On the Road by Jack Kerouac

10.  The Princess Bride by William Goldman

clearly these are not actually books from 2009, in fact, none of them were released in 2009.  i’ve also read a lot of cookbooks, but they are all old as well.


2 Responses to “ej’s random 2009 top books”

  1. revdrliz Says:

    I would like to see your cookbook list. Sometimes I think I enjoy reading cookbooks more than cooking. More than following recipes anyway. Somewhere, recently, in some magazine a chef was quoted, saying cookbooks are for ideas, not recipes (I thought it might have been Gopnik’s New Yorker article, but no). I felt validated. But actually I’m just lazy and don’t like to prepare or follow instructions. However! I prepared a pear tart for Christmas from the interpolated instructions of three different recipes and it came out just swell (I was very proud. And surprised.) My conclusion: any food comprised of 50% butter cannot fail.

    I tried to foist *American Gods* on dad, but he didn’t bite. I need to read it again myself; I read it out of order, which left me confused. It isn’t a good candidate for the non-contiguous approach.

    O wow. An alpaca just appeared 🙂

  2. bridgid Says:

    Great list! I’ve added The Princess Bride & Mists of Avalon to my must-reads. The Mists of Avalon sounds like a great book, but looks like such an investment.

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