Our bests

December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays book club friends!

Soooo…end-of-the-year/ end-of-the-decade “best of” lists are everywhere. I’m feeling inspired. I think we should weigh in with our important “best of” opinions too. But, rather than selection by voting or some method democratic and tedious, or editorial dictatorship (by me), I am thinking free-for-all, post-what-you like anarchy would work best for us. Please, pretty please, consider considering the following question in a book-club blog post (or two):

What writings are your “best of” 2009 and (or) the aughts?

You may interpret that as broadly or narrowly as you like. For example. Your post could be titled: “Best nature writing of 2000-2009”, “Best gothic steampunk air-balloon romance of 2009”, “Best (10) books evar“, “Most delicious culinary literature of 200x”, “Most alluring cover art of the year”, or “Only novel I had time to read in 2009, fucking school”. Top 10 vampire novels? (I’m looking at you, verdejez). Short stories, graphic novels, non-fiction, and magazine articles are all eligible. My only stipulation is that the number of items on your list be between 1 and 10. If you need help starting a new post, lemme know (special to Mel: we need to invest you with blog authorship powers). Your post need not be as long and wordy as mine; don’t be intimidated by my shining brilliance. OK?

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Cheers! I love you.